Tipping Point? 29 Advertisers Remove Limbaugh Ads

Where has everyone been? While the true total number of advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh show is unknown, the number is dropping quickly. Social media campaigns over the last week have now pressured 29 advertisers to cease their support of the blowhard’s talk radio show. These companies surely knew what they were getting into when they made the deal with the devil to promote their products and services to Limbaugh’s audience, but it only took El Rushbo’s use of the words “slut” and “prostitute” to lead to their defection. This is important; they didn’t remove their ads because of what he said, they removed their ads because of public pressure. Now, it’s up to us to maintain pressure to see to it that they don’t return.

Here is the list of sponsors that should be commended for bailing on Limbaugh. Interestingly, JC Penney sponsored both Limbaugh and Ellen Degeneres. I assume Limbaugh stayed mum during the One Million Moms boycott of JC Penney due to their sponsorship of the openly gay daytime talk show host.

  1. AccuQuote Life Insurance
  2. Allstate Insurance
  3. AOL
  4. Bare Escentuals
  5. Bethesda Sedation Dentistry
  6. Bonobos
  7. Carbonite
  8. Cascades Dental
  9. Citrix
  10. Girl Scouts
  11. Goodwill Industries
  12. Hadeed Carpet
  13. JCPenney
  14. Legal Zoom
  15. Matrix Direct
  16. Philadelphia Orchestra
  17. PolyCom
  18. ProFlowers
  19. Quicken Loans
  20. Reputation Rhino
  21. Sears
  22. Sensa
  23. Service Magic
  24. Sleep Train
  25. Sleep Number
  26. St. Vincent’s Medical Center
  27. Tax Resolution
  28. Thompson Creek Windows
  29. Vitacost

Additionally, Canadian rock group Rush and Peter Gabriel have sought action to stop their music from being played on the show.

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