The French Liberal School is a school of economic thought based on the philosophy of Jean-Baptiste Say. Also called the “Orthodox School”, or the “Optimist School”, the philosophy stressed economic basics of supply and demand within a Classical School and laissez-faire capitalist framework. The French Liberal School’s adherence to laissez-faire economics, and opposition to collectivism, protectionism, and intervention, has drawn comparisons to the Austrian School.

The School rose to prominence in the 19th century following the French Revolution of 1789.

Unlike the Classical School and French Socialists, the French Liberals focused inter-class harmony and the concept of market self-regulation.

Notable French Liberal Economists

Frédéric Bastiat
Michel Chevalier
Jean-Baptiste Say
Destutt de Tracy
Charles Dunoyer
Jean-Gustave Courcelle-Seneuil
Gustave de Molinari
Charles Comte

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