Spine of Steel: Obama’s Case Against Mitt Romney

While the Obama campaign has been laying the foundation of the President’s case for re-election for some time, some basic clues were revealed yesterday as to just how he plans to do it.

In a speech to the United Autoworkers Union in Toledo yesterday, Joe Biden claimed that Obama has a “spine of steel”.

In his appearance in The Road We’ve Traveled, former president Bill Clinton questioned whether he himself would have had the courage to make the tough decisions rendered by Obama.

In the video, Rahm Emanuel discloses that he advised Obama to take the politically easy road on health care legislation.

Last week, David Axelrod highlighted conservative columnist George Will’s question of whether the Republicans could take on real bad guys if they are afraid of Rush Limbaugh.

Why are they doing this? Simple. This is going to be their line of attack against Mitt Romney’s history of flip-flopping and politically expedient decision making. The campaign appears to be setting itself up to attack Romney’s flip flops as weak, and lacking of courage, or “backbone”.

Here is yesterday’s footage of Biden’s speech to the UAW.

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