Obama Puts Romney in Place

President Obama held his first press conference of 2012 yesterday, and naturally, reporters were anxious to prod him into general election fisticuffs. Norah O’Donnell of CBS asked for a response to Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s claim that Obama is “one of the most feckless presidents since Jimmy Carter”.

“What would you say to him”, begged O’Donnell.

Obama’s response was beautifully dismissive of Romney’s attempt to score political points.

“Good luck tonight,” the President responded. Asked to clarify, Obama added an extended, “uuummm.” Then: “Really.”

The exchange highlights Obama’s political acumen, and for Democrats, it was good news he didn’t want engage into a specific war of words with a single candidate.

If this exchange was a preview of things to come with presumptive nominee Romney, I have one thing to say to him. “Good Luck”.

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