Greg MankiwGreg Mankiw is an American macroeconomist and economics professor at Harvard University, and an advisor to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Mankiw has worked extensively on New Keynesian economics, and is famous for authoring the ubiquitous textbooks Principles in Economics, and Macroeconomics from Worth Publishers.

Mankiw earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton in 1980, where he graduated summa cum laude. From there, he went on to study philosophy at MIT, and law at Harvard. He gave up on his legal pursuits after realizing that economics was his true calling, and evenutally earned a PHD in economics from MIT in 1984.


Mankiw’s career began as a professor at MIT and Harvard immediately after graduating with his advanced degrees. In 2003, President George W. Bush appointed him as chairman of his Council of Economic Advisors, where he served from 2003-2005. He currently serves as an economic advisor to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and authors a popular economics blog.

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