Fox News Poll Confirms Comfortable Obama Lead

Fox News released a poll this morning that confirmed the results of several others this week – Barack Obama has established a seemingly comfortable lead over his Republican counterparts.

The poll gave Obama a 48-45 approve/disapprove mark, and advantages over Republican contenders as follows:

Obama – Mitt Romney
47% – 42%

Obama – Newt Gingrich
51% – 38%

Obama – Rick Santorum
50% – 38%

Obama – Ron Paul
48% – 38%

Obama – Jeb Bush
50% – 36%

The poll was conducted between February 6th and 9th, and included both landline phones as well as cell phones. According to the survey, landline and cell phone telephone numbers were randomly selected for inclusion in the survey using a probability proportionate to size method, which means that phone numbers for each state are proportional to the number of voters in each state.

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