1/8 Polling Update

According to the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, President Obama’s approval rating has held steady at plus or minus one point of his disapproval ratings since December 28th.

The Upside:

This is actually the best stretch for the president since Osama Bin Laden’s death in May.  Obama is also holding steady despite heavy a media focus on the Republican primaries, which feature regular bashing of his policies and tenure.

The Downside:

The positive trajectory and strong momentum in the economy has failed to elevate into clear positive territory.  However, the poll is calculated using a three day rolling average, and doesn’t fully reflect Friday’s strong jobs report.

1/5-7/12 45 46
1/4-6/12 45 46
1/3-5/12 45 46
1/2-4/12 46 47
12/29/11 – 1/3/12 47 46
12/28/11 – 1/2/12 45 47


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